Custom Home Cinema

The Home Cinema is by far the most exciting room of the home and in saying this there are many aspects that must be considered to achieve the ultimate immersive experience. We provide the full turnkey solution to creating the ultimate Cinema in your home.

The Room

The first place to start is the room you intend to place your home theater system in. The size of the room will determine the size and type of video display device (TV or projector) that would be best to use. However, whether your room is large or small, additional questions to consider include:
  • How live is the room?
  • Do we need to acoustically treat it
  • Will it be a Dedicated theatre or a multipurpose room?
  • How much ambient light is there?
  • How Far will you be seated relative to the screen?
  • What Visual style are we trying to achieve?

The Equipment

There are multiple ways to set select equipment and that will boil down to multiple factors.
  • Are you brand loyal and if so what brand is it?
  • Would you prefer floor standing visible speakers?
  • On wall speakers
  • Hidden In-wall speakers
Once we have decided on those we move onto the video portion.
  • How big do we want the screen to be?
  • Will we be using a projector or a Flat Screen?
  • Pending room answers above, what type of screen do we need to use?
  • Are we satisfied with HD?
  • Do we want 4K?